The following SSOP’s are based on CDC guidelines for commercial motor carriers, in conjunction with Nevada OSHA guidance and recommendations for best practices published by the Nevada Transportation Authority. Below are the daily SSOP’s required for Private Car Service following the COVID-19 shutdown.

  • Drivers at the start of their shift will be asked how they feel and if they have any symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19.
  • No driver will be allowed to work if they state they are ill or if they are experiencing symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19
  • Drivers are required to wear face masks while guests are in the vehicle or while staging, loading or unloading in public areas
  • Passengers will not be permitted in the front passenger seat
  • Drivers are to avoid physical contact with passengers (handshakes, assisting in and out of vehicle, etc.)
  • Vehicle A/C airflow control is not to be set to recirculate the air
  • Drivers will be required to wipe down luggage handles sanitizing them prior to and after handling luggage.
  • Vehicles equipped with a privacy divider will have the divider in the raised position when transporting guests; however, guests will have the ability to lower the divider if needed
  • Following each transport the driver is required to sanitize the vehicle by wiping down all touch points including but not limited to armrests, seats, door handles, rear controls, etc.